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Christian Counselling Centre

The Christian Counselling Centre (CCC) is a non-profit, charitable organization. It has a Board of Directors that sets policies and gives direction for the operation of the Centre.

CCC provides Christian counseling services to the individual, the family and the community. We seek God’s wisdom in His Holy Scriptures to bring hope, psychological, emotional, spiritual healing and restoration while using skills and techniques that are clinically effective.

We aim to be a leading provider of Christian Counselling by promoting the blessings of the Christian community as we seek to recover, restore and renew relationships between God and people,
to the praise of His glory!

Biblically-based Counselling is professional counselling in which the counsellor comes alongside distressed people within their community context to offer Scriptural wisdom with the goal of assisting their restoration to responsible living in fellowship with God and His people.


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CCC Annual Conference
Encouragement Cafe

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To book an appointment or for more information call us at 1-866-833-2741 or email:

CCC Annual Fall Conference Oct 22, 2016

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"Staying Connected in a Disconnected World"

Can we build deep relationships in a shallow world of online communication? 
Here in the real world, many of us wonder if our own longing to connect will
ever be satisfied. People spend their days connecting with one another
on the World Wide Web. We touch base with more people through social
networking websites like Facebook and Instagram and yet studies indicate
people have less  connection then ever before. So how can people who
are more connected across time and space feel more isolated than ever? 
What do we need to do to build better relationships and to develop deep
connection and friendships?

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